About the GASTON

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Merchandising Background


The popular back ground of domestic cosmetics industry character goods is Kidult culture.

It is a compound word of Kid (Kid) and Adult (Adult).

As the lives of modern people become harder and harder, they return to their emotions

When they were young and try to find emotional stability and stress relief.

Kidult culture market is rapidly growing as 20~40 year old, who are the main players of this craze,

Enter the society and become core consumers.


The packaging is like “Silent Salesman”

cosmetics should also be unique in design to appeal to consumers.

As a further means of differentiated the importance of collaboration is a major trend in marketing,

Because the core consumer of cosmetic is a women who is rich in emotion.

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In the low-growth period, the cost-effective for consumption has been highlighted.

Price-to-performance is a key factor in purchasing consumers pursue differentiated

Qualitative values.

If luxury focuses on showing off the status or taste of consumers, the premium

Emphasizes its own distinctiveness by applying new value to existing public products.

In other wards, B+ PREMIUMS, which offer premium added value with the cost

Effective are highlighted.

Recently, launching of new products with practical and discriminative concepts

Centered on makeup cosmetics, it was changed from mass consumption to

Personalized consumption.

Also, consumer needs are further segmentalized and new products that satisfy them

Are steadily released, the cosmetics market is expected to continue relatively high growth.

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Only the exceptional

Through Korea’s cosmetic technology, which is guaranteed excellent product and

the combination of merchandizing the Gaston character with high unique,

Creates high added value including the scarcity and value of brand products.

The skin as well as beauty itself is like the outer space, the world of beauty is endless like

the vast outer space that extends with no end in sight.

Our journey to discover the forever extending world of beauty is endless along with

the limitless questions that are presented along the way.

That is why the Gaston is dedicated to discovering creative solutions with innovative

design ingenuity to present skin with a unique beauty that is beyond imaginable.

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