Wonder CICA Cover-up Cushion

SPF 50+ PA++++

Triangle Protect System



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Korean Food and Drug Administration Certified Functional Cosmetics

Pink tone beige's bright skin

Smoothly cover blemished and defects to clean skin

Persistence of make-up is excellent with the close contact between moisture and Oil

When applied, it provides freshness by a cooling sensation

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Feature of the Product

Usability and Visual Superiority

This product is designed as a differentiated prescription, after moisturizing essence is applied to the skin, moisturizing oil naturally adheres to moisturizing as if the texture of moisturizing oil forms a membrane on the skin, this product shows a clean skin color

Excellent Adhesion and Makeup Persistence

Moisturizing essence and moisturizing oil are applied to skin, this product is closely adhered to and shows a high persistence, it does not require a modified makeup

Excellent Covering

SPF 50+ PA++++ UV Protection index and excellent coverage features clean skin without blemishes and a present a lively gorgeousness by water brightening coating

Moisture Brightening Efficacy

Refreshing and Moisturizing with a moisturizing coating gives a bright and healthy skin tone like a pottery likely smooth and firming skin

Splendid Colors

Pink tone which expresses splendor in skin beige color is gives to brightening skin with glossy color

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Key Ingredients

Red Ginseng Extract

Prevention and reduction of skin keratinization

Anti-wrikles and removing

Increased elasticity and moisturizing

Skin protection from ultraviolet radiation

Bamboo Sap Extract

Flavonoids an antioxidnat have the effect of preventing aging

Royal Jelly Extract

Vitamin contain a lot of pantothenic acid, it have the effect of growth promotion and anti-aging action

Centella Asiatica Extract

Madecassic acid a component of leaves and stems of the Centella Asiatica have an effect heals inflammation and heals tumors and ulcers.

Skin brightening effect

Skin repairing effect

Anti-aging effect

Anti inflammation effect

Wound healing effect

Skin revitalizing effect

Container Sealing (Airless)

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It is possible to use it without the contamination prevention and deformation of the contents by constitution of vacuum container in three stages

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Ruby cell antibacterial Puff

The completion of makeup begins from the Puff

Using its own micro bubble structure and absorbent polymer, it is good persistence even after cleansing the puff.

These is no surface change of sponge after 20 hours hydrolysis test.

Compared to synthetic latex sponge, the tensile, and wear strength are strong, and the rate of change in materiality is low, so the sponge does not crack.

These is no discoloration from copper ions or sweat.

It suppresses the proliferation of fungi and which has the effect of preventing odor.

Using special urethane material, it is highly acid-resistant and alkali-resistance.

Gaston Cushion only use high-quality Puff from Japan